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Free Digital Single: Sub-Atomica!

Digital Single: Sub-Atomica!
One track, duration 15:33. Recorded at Jääkärinkatu studio, Helsinki, 2008. Mastering by Teemu Korpipää.
Download here (320 kbps mp3) or stream here:

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Discography: CDs/LPs

Pink Twins: Return of the Real Real (2015) CDR, Pink Twins Media, media-11 (International CD-R Day 2015 release)
Pink Twins: Inwards to Infinity (2012) 10″ EP, Pink Twins Media, media-10
Pink Twins: Four Million Suns (2010) LP, Pink Twins Media, media-09
Pink Twins: Pink Light/Pink Heat (2009) CDR, Pink Twins Media, media-08
Cucumber Farmer: Empirical Research on Western Popular Music 1993-2006 (2007) 2CD, including a remix CD by Pink Twins. American Brothers, ABROS6
Pink Twins: Intercontinental Catapult (2006) CD, Pink Twins Media, media-05
Pink Twins: Paint It Pink (2005) CD, Pink Twins Media, media-04
Pink Twins: Monolith (2003) CD, Pink Twins Media, media-03
Pink Twins: Lizard Kling (2003) CD Pink Twins Media, media-02
Pink Twins: Let It Beep (2002) CD Pink Twins Media, media-01

See the Shop page for more info, mail order and free audio tracks.

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Discography: Online music

V/A: In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky at Musica Excentrica
Pink Twins: Water (7:38)
Musica Excentrica has gone offline. Download the Pink Twins track here.

V/A: Recycled at
Pink Twins: Kick (4:59)
Electrosound is offline too. Download the Pink Twins track here.

V/A: Rixc Remixes, Music by Arturas Bumsteinas remixed by Pink Twins and others at
Pink Twins: Untitled (11:41)

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Discography: Compilation CDs

Various Artists: “In Progress” CD, 2010
Released byLaznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Compiled by Lukasz Szalankiewicz. Release info
Pink Twins: Cloak, 5:06 (Recorded live at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, 12 October 2007)

V/A “MUU for Ears ” CDR, 2009
Released byMUU artist association. Release info
Pink Twins: Appetite for Construction, 7:00 (soundtrack for the video work of the same name)

Volga: “5 Remixed” CD, 2005
Remix compilation of Russian ethno/electronics band Volga on Sketis Music.
Pink Twins: Rose, 6:00

V/A: “Finnexport 2003” 2CD-R, 2003
Pink Twins, Pan Sonic, Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov live in Yaroslavl 2003. “Available” from the Russian Spirals of Involution label.
Pink Twins: (untitled live track, recorded live at Yaroslavl Art Museum, 21 July 2003), 21:47

V/A: “ELECTRIC LEAK – the North of it” CD, 2003
A compilation CD of Scandinavian electronic music released in conjunction with the Venice Biennial 2003. Released by Office for Contemporary Art, Norway. Release info at Discogs
Pink Twins: The Second And The Third Coming, 6:58 (from Let It Beep CD).

Club Telex Noise Ensemble: CTNERMX CD-R, 2003
CTNERMX is a remix collection based on recordings of Club Telex Noise Ensemble, an infamous lo-fi electro-punk unit. Released by pHinnMilk Recordings, a satellite label of the legendary pHinnWeb site. More info here
Pink Twins: ISO – Tosi Iso mix, 4:31

V/A: Geologists And Professional Tourists vol.2 CD, 2002
Released by N&B Research Digest. Featuring Alexei Borisov, Leif Elggren, Anton Nikkilä, K.K. Null and others.
Pink Twins: A Fistful Of Fingers, 6:42 (recorded live at Studio Là-Bas, Helsinki, 4 Aug 2001)

V/A: Avantometric Attachments CD, 2002
The CD compiles exclusive tracks from the artists on Avanto Festival 2002 programme. Featuring Pan Sonic, CM von Hausswolff, People Like Us, Russell Haswell and others.
Pink Twins: What If I Hit It With A Hammer, 3:48

V/A: Avanto-00 CD, 2000
The first Avanto Festival CD, from 2000. Featuring Merzbow, Kaffe Matthews, Hecker, Pan Sonic and others.
Pink Twins: Täsä, 6:17

(Note: we may have copies left of some of these CDs . If interested in ordering, please e-mail us.)

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