Inwards to Infinity

Buy 10″ – 16.00 EUR incl. shipping worldwide

Pink Twins Media 2012 (media-10)

Side A – Before Forever (7:30)
Side B – Inwards to Infinity (50 locked grooves)
[audio:|titles=Inwards to Infinity: Locked groove megamix]
Download: Inwards to Infinity: Locked groove megamix (320 MP3)
Download: Inwards to Infinity: Locked grooves – arrangements and instrumentations (PDF)

Spectacular 10″ Eternal Play! Splattered pink vinyl, heavyweight gatefold sleeve.
Buy now! The mail order price is 16 EUR, including shipping worldwide. Payment by PayPal. (For other payment options, please mail us.)

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Four Million Suns

Four Million Suns

Buy LP – black vinyl – 15.00 EUR

Buy LP – clear vinyl – 15.00 EUR

Pink Twins Media 2010 (media-09)

Side A – Finland Empire (20:33) Download radio edit
Side B – Worlds Within Worlds (17:31) Download radio edit
[audio:|titles=Finland Empire – radio edit]
[audio:|titles=Worlds Within Worlds – radio edit]
(Full-length versions available on vinyl only.)

Pink Twins have made their vinyl debut with the spectacular new album FOUR MILLION SUNS. The LP features two side-long tracks, recorded at Pink Twins’ studio during 2009.

LP info and credits:
Music by Juha Vehviläinen & Vesa Vehviläinen.
Recorded at Jääkärinkatu Studio, Helsinki, 2009.
Mastering: Teemu Korpipää. Cut and made at Flight13.
33rpm. 180g heavyweight vinyl. 350g heavyweight cardboard sleeve.
Black and clear vinyl available.

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Pink Light/Pink Heat

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iTunes Download
Pink Twins - Pink Light/pink Heat - EP

Pink Light/Pink Heat
Pink Twins Media 2009 (media-08)
audio CDR
Sister release of SKETCHES OF PAIN, Pink Light/Pink Heat includes electroacoustic music made for the videos Module, Splitter and Appetite for Construction, and the live recording Live at Ivalo Church from 2008. Pink Light/Pink Heat is a factory-burned CDR with full-colour printed label and a cardboard sleeve.
Track listing:
01 Module (6:37)
02 Splitter (6:00)
03 Appetite for Construction (7:00)
04 Live at Ivalo Church (30:27)
We have two prices for Pink Light/Pink Heat CDR:
6.00 EUR as an only item, or 3.00 EUR if your order includes anything else.

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Buy DVD: 13.00 EUR

Sketches of Pain (Pink Twins & Zugeer L Live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Painless (Sketches of Pain re-edit)
Appetite for Construction
Pulse +
Splitter (remastered version)
Pink Twins Live at Ivalo Church
Pink Twins Live at Babylon, Berlin
The new Pink Twins DVD SKETCHES OF PAIN is a massive collection of Pink Twins’ recent video output, collecting the latest video works and selected live footage.

The monumental title piece of the DVD, Sketches of Pain documents and reconstructs the 2006 concert by Pink Twins with the Mongolian metal group Zugeer L in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The DVD also includes Painless, a short psychedelic re-edit of the concert footage, along with the latest Pink Twins video works: the hugely popular Defenestrator, Appetite for Construction, Module, Pulse + and a remastered version of Splitter. Also video documents from two live concerts are included: Live at Ivalo Church from 2008 and Live at Babylon, Berlin from 2007.
SKETCHES OF PAIN is a PAL format, all-region, dual layer DVD video disc. Total running time about 107 minutes. Packaged in a beautiful shiny DVD-digipak.


Special price:
30.00 EUR including postage worldwide.


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Empirical Research…

Buy 2CD – 14,00 EUR

Empirical Research on Western Popular Music 1993-2006 – That Was Cucumber Farmer
American Brothers 2007 (ABROS6)

The original album by Cucumber Farmer backed with a Pink Twins remix CD Reconstructions of Western Popular Music by Pink Twins.

See details and listen to track previews here:
Sample track: Steal My E-gow

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Pink Twins Catalogue

Buy 2 DVD + book – 20,00 EUR

Pink Twins Catalogue
Pink Twins Media 2006 (media-06)

A massive 2 DVD + book set including all Pink Twins videos and hours of music. See full contents and details here:

DVD 1 – Video: Ufo, Fast, Slow, Purple Drain, Goth, Box, Splitter, Pulse, Splitter 2, Goth (Smooth) + extras
DVD 2 – Music: Party Like It’s 2001, Live at Avanto Festival, Helsinki 2002, Live Sheet, Red Chambers, Born Pink, Fade To Pink, Intercontinental Catapult (Live In Paris), New Disorder

Total running time 8 hours

Full mp3 preview tracks
Hot Ride (2006; from New Disorder)
Overdrill (2005; from Fade To Pink)
Born Pink (2005; from Born Pink)
Ram In Pain (2003; from Live Sheet)
Chamber Seven (2003; from Red Chambers)

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Intercontinental Catapult

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iTunes Download
Pink Twins - Intercontinental Catapult - EP

Intercontinental Catapult (Live at Teatro la Fenice, Venice)
Pink Twins Media 2006 (media-05)

Recorded live at Sala Rossi, Gran Teatro La Fenice, Venice, 6 October 2005 (La Biennale di Venezia, 49th International Festival of Contemporary Music; in collaboration with Vortice – Teatro Fondamente Nuove)

Track listing:
01 Endless Autoignition
02 Beam Rider
03 All-Metal Pathways
04 Vital Drift
05 Promise of the Motion
06 Finnish Flow

Total time 53:48

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Paint It Pink

Buy CD – 10,00 EUR

Paint It Pink
Pink Twins Media 2005 (media-04)

Paint It Pink is a live album, with two complete live recordings from 2005.
Two tracks, 75 minutes. Played and recorded in front of an unexpecting film festival audience in Tampere and a stunned festival crowd in Belgrade in 2005, the style of these recordings vary from the playful, hyperactive sonics of the first set to the full-on noise assault of the second. The performance in Belgrade is probably one of the most brutal and straightforward shows from Pink Twins. Lovingly mastered by Tommi Keränen with supreme analogue studio gear, the CD maintains the full-bodied sound of the performances for an excessive dose of ear-caressing aural bliss.

Track listing:
01 Pink Fluid (mp3 excerpt)
02 Pink Haze (mp3 excerpt)

Track 1 recorded live at Tampere Film Festival, Klubi, Tampere, 11 March 2005
Track 2 recorded live at Refract Festival, O3one Gallery, Belgrade, 11 May 2005

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Buy CD – 10,00 EUR

Pink Twins Media 2003 (media-03)

Monolith is the second part of the twin disc set released in early 2003. Pink Twins returns in the trio format with guitarist Kimmo Kumela. As with Lizard Kling, there are three long tracks, this time ranging from quiet, static tones to a full-on guitar assault.

Track listing:
01 The Human Torch
02 Immaterial
03 Quadrupedal

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Lizard Kling

Buy CD – 10,00 EUR

Lizard Kling
Pink Twins Media 2003 (media-02)

Lizard Kling is the first of the twin discs released in early 2003. Introducing the guitarist Kimmo Kumela, Lizard Kling is made in a guitar/computers trio format. Recorded during one busy day, the album presents a complex, rocking mix of three lengthy tracks.

Track listing:
01 Lizard Kling
02 Within The center Of The Earth
03 Twisted Brother

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Let It Beep

Buy CD – 10,00 EUR

Let It Beep
Pink Twins Media 2002 (media-01)

The debut CD release by Pink Twins includes 10 tracks recorded live and in studio in Helsinki, 2001-2002.

Track listing:
01 let It Sleep
02 Gap Of Several Hours
03 Five-Six-Seven-Eight
04 I Saw Something
05 Bells And Whistles
06 The Pleasure Is To Play
07 The Second And The Third Coming
08 Rheumatic
09 Illuminated
10 40000 BC – 2002 AD

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