Parametronomicon (triptych)

Parametronomicon (triptych)
2016, 3-channel video installation, HD1080, 18:00 min, 5.1 surround
Distribution by AV-arkki

Parametronomicon presents a model of parametric virtual life. A biomechanic organism moves, multiplies and regenerates in an elaborate series of convulsive movements. Its life spans from simple formations to inevitable apocalyptic visions of an over-the-top visual orgy.

The triptych version expands the parametric concept further by presenting simultaneously three alternative evolutionary arcs on three screens. The three versions retain the same dramaturgy, but each follows a different route through the parametric space. Pink Twins keep true to their “more is more” ethos with this expanded installation version and provide an immersive and synesthetic experience.

Parametronomicon (triptych) technical specifications (PDF)

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