F a n t a s t i c k

Fantastick is free and available in all regions for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Fantastick supports all iOS devices and versions but to use the full tall screen area of iPhone 5 download the Gold Edition.

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Quick Start

Fantastick works on your iPhone/iPod/iPad together with your computer.

Step-by-step instructions with Max/MSP.

Max/MSP patches with examples and command reference:
Updated for v2.3!

for iPhone and iPod Touch
for iPad

(requires Max/MSP, available here)

Pure Data help patch for iPhone/iPod
Screenshots of latest Max help patches.


Create "macros" on the device using FantastickJS.
Check how to use "area of contact" with FantastickArea.
.. example of drawing models over background image.

Check the amazing MMF-Fantastick by Mathieu Chamagne.

An alternative Max/MSP object for receiving data from FS. Try this if experiencing any lags with receiving data.

Another object for receiving data from multiple connected Fantastick clients. Data is prefixed with unique client id, and messages can be sent back using the same id.

Here's an example on using FS with Processing.

Source available on github.
Support forums on tender.

Contact: jusu (at) pinktwins.com

Use your iPhone/iPod/iPad with Max/MSP or Pure Data!

Fantastick turns your device to a custom multitouch controller. Send multitouch data to the host program and receive drawing commands.

Instead of a limited set of builtin-widgets, the interface logic resides in Max/MSP and only drawing commands are sent to the device. Build interfaces that ..

- work and look exactly the way you want
- change dynamically to fit the musical context
- are experimental and would not be possible with other apps


- Minimalistic, fullscreen control area with nothing on it but what you provide.

- Multitouch-events on the device are forwarded to your host via UDP. Information includes the touch state (begin, move, end) and coordinates for all touch points.

- Designed for no-hassle: zero-click startup, the device does not sleep or suspend network, flicker- and lag-free. 

- Displaying images (fetched with URLs)  and caching them on the device for use on non-networked locations.

- Basic drawing with lines, boxes and text.

- Advanced drawing with OpenGL.

Also available: Pulse+!

"Excellent art work indeed." -- hek2r flowrez