Posted on November 8, 2006 by Pink Twins
2004, DV, 4:3, 8:00 min, Stereo

Box is based on photographs from Tunguska, Siberia, where a large area of land was destroyed when a huge meteorite exploded above ground in 1908. The video is a slow composition, where landscape images go through several stages of transformation. The video material which was further developed into “Box” was originally made for a stage version of Stalker by the Strugatski brothers, produced by Circus Maximus at Helsinki City Theater.
Still Pictures
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Video Tech
All Pink Twins video works can be shown in screenings or as installations.

Screening copies are generally HD video files (Prores or H.264). Also DCP, BluRay, DVD and further formats can be delivered, according to respective technical requirements. Please contact AV-arkki for technical details.

In exhibitions, the video works are installed on individual large projections, in a darkened space, with a quality stereo sound system (no monitors, no headphones).